EDHAA 2017

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EDHAA Presidents Message for January & February 2017

President’s Message:

It is hard to believe that I am writing this as my first newsletter for 2017 - time does go fast. I do hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  Thanks to Jimmie Grann and her team for our 2016 year as a growing art association.  I know that everyone of us have very busy lives, with family, work, and still finding time for our art.  But I truly appreciate folks that continue to find a little more time to give back to this organization for various events that we sponsor throughout the year.  Even though it is only January, I already appreciate the various members that have stepped up to support the board and other necessary roles for our meetings throughout the year.  So Thank You Very Much.

Our meetings will be every 2nd Monday of the month, 6-8PM, except there will be no meeting in August.  Boni Canning will be sharing a calendar of exciting and different speakers scheduled for the year.  For our January meeting, we will have Terry LeMoncheck from the EDAC association.  She will be sharing information about EDAC and how all art organizations can learn and benefit by working together and with each other.  I think it will be very insightful for all artists, but particularly those who want to showcase and/or sell their art in shows or galleries. If you are planning to participate in the Studio Tour, this presentation is a "must" so please plan to attend. 

We have already started planning for our 2017 Studio Tour and Membership Show and they will be here before we know it.  There are a few critical dates to remember regarding the Studio Tour: 
•          The first date is January 11th - James Canning has volunteered to open his home studio to photograph up to 5 images per artist for Studio Tour publicity.  If you struggle with taking quality pictures of your art for this show, please take advantage of this opportunity.  There will be a $10 charge for up to 5 images photographed to be paid to James.  To schedule an appointment time, please email him directly at 
•          The second date is January 15th - if you plan to participate in the 2017 Studio Tour, your application and membership dues (if not paid already) are due to Sandy Allie.  You can also bring your application to our January meeting.
•          March 13th General Meeting - The ST Brochure is being designed by James Canning and the board will be reviewing the final draft in our February Board meeting so that a final version can be brought to the membership at the March meeting.
•          Other key dates will be shared in our meetings and via email as they occur.

We will start our new year off with the first Art Challenge of 2017 and suggested pictures that can be used for inspiration will be brought to the January meeting.  Hope you will participate - it is always fun to see another artist's interpretation of an image and great to share with fellow artists.  We also start January off with a new venue at Visions Realty in El Dorado Hills where 2 to 3 artists will be showing their work for 3 months running.  If you want to participate, please contact Ken Mahar to get your name on the wait list. 

Our Newsletter will be every other month starting this year.  Jeanine Robb will continue to be our newsletter writer so please provide her with any information, via email, you want to share with members on shows, classes, awards or other art related information. 

I look forward to this year with lots of art opportunities, fun experiences, and getting to know each other better. 

Lynne Edwards

January 9Terry LeMoncheck: Terry has worked in arts management for over 20 years and currently serves as Executive Director of El Dorado Arts Council. Prior to joining EDAC, she led Pasadena Arts Council, serving as Executive Director from 2002 to 2015. She has held administrative positions at a number of leading institutions, including the 1993 Los Angeles Festival, the Music Center of Los Angeles County, and Center Theatre Group (Mark Taper Forum and Ahmanson Theatre). She has worked independently on projects
for USC/Annenberg School of Communication, where she helped launch the Getty Arts Journalism Fellowship Program, and the Art + Design Media Forum series for Art Center College of Design. At Pasadena Arts Council she also oversaw the AxS Festival, a biennial citywide arts and science collaboration in Pasadena and launched the “City of Art and Science” initiative. She has served as a grant panelist for municipal, county and state arts funders, has appeared before legislative bodies to advocate for arts funding, and delivered public remarks about creative place-making and the creative economy. In addition, she has worked as a writer, editor and researcher on literary projects, including the 1997 bestseller The Climb: Tragic Ambitions on Everest, and served as Chair of the Parent Advisory
Board of Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering.



February 13: Suzanne Bell: Suzanne is an artist working as a painter, mosaic artist and art teacher.  Her background is in psychology with an emphasis in fine art and education.  She is currently teaching in the public and private school setting as well as offering classes in her private studio in Placerville.

Suzanne works in a variety of mediums including encaustics, acrylics, watercolors and mosaics.  She enjoys exploring different mediums and she works in a visionary abstract style which allows her to create with what she calls “a child-like freedom.” Painting is her passion and her paintings come from within following a free flowing approach.  Her greatest source of inspiration is her love of materials. In Suzanne’s words: “I love to paint! I absolutely love the experience of seeing what paint can do. My intent is to be open to the painting experience, to allow the brush, the paints and my ideas to dance together. Therein lies the truly wondrous experience of painting.”



Anouncements :

All members interested in participating in the 2017 Spring Studio Tour, please be sure to submit paperwork, images, participation fees no later than January 15th.  Call to Artists and Application can be downloaded on the EDHAA website.  Contact  if you have any questions. The studio tour dates will be May 20-21, 2017.

Reminder: 2017 EDHAA membership dues is now due. Please submit your membership dues to Marilyn Rogers as soon as possible.

Due to changes to the newsletter starting in 2017, please let Jeanine Robb, , know If you still wish to have your classes/workshops advertised in the newsletter.  As indicated in Jimmie’s message, the information will be much more concise and uniform.  Members with new classes/workshop, please feel free to contact Jeanine, as well, with your class information. Please include EDHAA in the subject line of your email.

Happy New Year!
Welcome to new members: Barbie Smith, Laura Caron and Edward Mallory.

Please share your good news for the “Members’ Corner” section of the newsletter.  Email your information to Jeanine Robb,  Please include EDHAA in the subject line.

EDHAA General Meeting Minutes December 2016

Minutes of the December 12, 2016 EDHAA General Meeting:

The December meeting of the El Dorado Hills Arts Association was called to order on December 12, 2016 at the Senior Center by President Jimmie Grann. 
Jimmie thanked the members of the old board for their service and introduced candidates for the new Board.  The new Board was unanimously approved by the members present.  The various committee chairpersons were mentioned and thanked.
Kathleen will continue as treasurer, but would like to be replaced, so the position is available.
Some of the members brought in their paintings that had been used in the Challenges.  Each person talked about their painting, their art and themselves. A drawing was held for the poinsettia plants that had been purchased as decorations.
A pot luck dinner was enjoyed by all.
Minutes submitted by Pat Woodward, Secretary.

Call To Artists




Art Classes and Studio Time:
Barbara Nilsson:

  • Adult and Children Oil Painting classes: all levels.

Contact Barbara by emailing her at  or by phone: 916-984-4649.

Patricia Martin Osborne:

  • Watercolor Classes

Contact Patricia Osborne for workshop and class information – 408-691-1553 ,

Monday Morning Painting Group

The Monday Morning Painting Group meets at 10:00 AM in the Senior Center which is the old fire station at the corner of Lassen and El Dorado Hills Blvd.   All media are welcome. Contact Jackie Stevens at 916-933-2814 or Pat Woodward at 530-672-6971 for details


Encaustic Workshop with Linda Nunes:
Beginning Encaustic Workshop will be held at Verge Center for the Arts, 625 S Street, Sac on Saturday, January 21 from 10 - 3 pm. Cost is $130 for Verge members and $150 for non members. Contact Verge at  for more information and to reserve your seat.

Other Workshop opportunities:  Several workshops are being offered during 2017 through Sacramento Fine Arts Center.  Instructors include Suzanne Bell, Birgit O’Connor, Myrna Wacknov, and more. Visit for more information.

If you know of any local or “travel” workshops that might be of interest to our members, please contact Jeanine Robb, Please include EDHAA in the subject line.




Your 2017 EDHAA Board

2017 Board Members

President - Lynne Edwards

Vice President - Boni Canning

Secretary - Pat Woodward

Treasurer - Open

Membership - Marilyn Rogers

Newsletter Editor- Jeanine Robb

Web Master - Elena Tucker




El Dorado Hills Art Association Job Descriptions for:


  1. Attend all board and general association meetings if possible, otherwise appoint another board member to facilitate meeting.
  2. Meet and welcome new and current members.
  3. Set agenda for and conduct meetings, provide copies of agenda as necessary.
  4. Provide factual and up to date information regarding association activities during meetings.
  5. Remind board and general members of meetings dates and times. 
  6. Obtain input from board members to set meeting agendas.
  7. Communicate with board members in order to keep current with their responsibilities.  Provide assistance as needed.
  8. Oversee all association business and provide direction as needed. 
  9. Promote growth of the association by planning educational and interesting meetings that encourage member participation.
  10. Attend or communicate with other art organizations to identify upcoming art events or presentations.
  11. Write president message to be published in the web site.
  12. Send message to Editor by the third Wednesday of the month.

Vice President

  1. Attend all board and general association meetings if possible.
  2. Meet and welcome new and current members.
  3. Conduct board and general meetings as necessary.
  4. Be available to assist board members with their duties as needed.
  5. Contact and schedule demonstrators for general meetings. 
  6. Notify Web Master with scheduled dates, names and times of presentations.
  7. Monitor web site to ensure accuracy of dates, names, place and time  for demonstrators.
  8. Write demonstrator biographies for web site monthly updates.
  9. Provide encouragement, guidance and support to all members.
  10. Promote growth of EDHAA with ongoing contact through emails and phone calls.


  1. Attend all board and general association meetings if possible,
  2. Meet and welcome new and current members at meetings. 
  3. Give sign-in sheet to Membership chairperson to tracking attendance.
  4. Take(s) accurate meeting minutes
  5. Concur(s) with president regarding accuracy of meeting minutes.
  6. Send(s) minutes to Web Master by the last day of each month, in order to have minutes posted on web site. 
  7. Keep(s) on going record of EDHAA business by maintaining a folder/binder which contains monthly newsletters, meeting minutes, board members names with contact information and photos of art work or demonstrations that may be of interest to members.  Bring to each meeting for members to view.
  8. Maintains office supplies for association.


  1. Attend all board and general association meetings if possible.
  2. Meet and welcome new and current members as they attend monthly meetings.
  3. Distribute(s) name tags and have members and guest sign in at the beginning of each meeting.
  4. Provide new members with application forms as needed. 
  5. Introduce new members at the general meeting.
  6. Inform new members that they may add their name, address, phone #, email, art medium and bio (50 words of less) to our web site/newsletter.  Member is responsible to provide information in a copy ready format.    Provide web masters email to facilitate this process. 
  7. Communicate(s) to all board members the names of new members joining association.
  8. Collect association dues and send money to Treasurer.
  9. Update Membership Roster and Handbook with new member information or changes to current member information as necessary.
  10. Distribute new member information to board members, including  areas if interest and art medium.  Add to membership spread sheet
  11. EDHAA Studio Tour:  Collect applications, identify if applicant is current member of EDHAA, create and maintain spread sheet of entries and forward show fees to treasure. 


  1. Attend all board and general association meetings if possible,
  2. Meet and welcome new and current members
  3. Reimburse members for money paid for association related projects.
  4. Report association account activity/current balance during general meeting.
  5. Pay all bills incurred by association.
  6. Maintains EDHAA financial records including membership dues.
  7. Maintains financial spread sheet.  Ability to use Excel program is preferred.
  8. Pays honorarium to each demonstrator after presentation.
  9. Monitor(s) and remind(s) members when association dues are required. 

Special Events Coordinators

  1. Attend all board and general association meetings if possible.
  2. Meet and welcome new and current members.
  3. Chair and coordinate annual Studio Tour/Membership show
  4. Identify opportunities for art paint outs, tours or special events and communicate to members by informing Web Master to post on web site.
  5. Identify those members who are willing to teach a class or give workshops. 
  6. Give information to Web Master to post on web site.


  1. Attend all board and general association meetings if possible.
  2. Meet and welcome new and current members.
  3. Include the following information for posting on web site: president message, meeting minutes and presenter’s biography. 
  4. Submit(s) articles to the web master by the 3rd Wed of each month.
  5. Print(s) and mail(s) newsletter to those members without email address or web site access.
  6. Solicit articles and/or write an article about local art events/items of interest and submit information to web master by the 3rd Wed of each month.
  7. Collaborate with Marketing chair to review and edit  all materials for publication to ensure accuracy of information.


  1. Attend all board and general association meetings if possible.
  2. Meet and welcome new and current members.
  3. Contact local junior and high schools to identify students who are eligible for EDHAA scholarships.
  4. Distribute application to student artists/schools.
  5. Collaborate with board members to identify eligibility requirements for scholarships.
  6. Schedule an interview with each student to review portfolio and to determine their long range plans and interest in art.
  7. Give updates during general meeting regarding student selection and presentations.


  1. Attend all board and general association meetings if possible.
  2. Meet and welcome new and current members.
  3. Maintain contact information of newspaper editor’s names, phone # and email address.
  4. Establish a relationship with local newspaper editors (Village Life, Mountain Demo., Sacramento Bee, Folsom Telegraph, Gold Country Media, Aardvark, Sierra Style, El Dorado Guide) Give editors with your business card/contact information.
  5. Notify the news papers with information about any EDHAA member who has received special awards or recognition. Artist love publicity!
  6. Write all press releases for demonstrations, events and shows.
  7. Invite newspaper editors to interview demonstrators or anyone who is 
    spot lighted  for a special event.
  8. Follow up with a thank you note when newspaper/magazines publish a  story about an EDHAA artist, guest demonstrator or event.9.  Keep web master up to date regarding planned events.