EDHAA 2017

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EDHAA Presidents Message for May & June 2017

President’s Message:

I think we are finally getting close to warmer weather and one day when we wake up it will just be 102 degrees - we will probably not have a spring. But I sure am enjoying the sun beaming down on me and taking that energy and putting it into some new art for our up and coming Studio Tour.

We are only a few weeks away from the 8th Annual EDH Art Association Studio Tour. One of these years, I think I will not participate so that I can travel from one studio to another. I feel like I am missing so much of the tour but not getting to see so many other wonderful artists and their studios. But it won't be this year since I will be sharing a studio with Bonnie Williams at our venue, Visionary Realty Group in El Dorado. It will be different than being in my own studio but I think it will still be a great experience and looking forward to sharing it with Bonnie.

As most of you know there will be 39 artists at 13 different studios and our month long viewing show at Gallery 48 in Folsom. Just a reminder of some of the key dates coming up - especially for members that may not be participating. Our Studio Tour Show at Gallery 48 begins on May 2 and runs through June 29. You are welcome to drop in any day and see the display and please join us on May 19th for the artist reception from 6-8pm.

Almost immediately after our May Studio Tour, James Canning will be forwarding out a Call to Artists for our Membership Show at Harris Center in Folsom. This is open to all EDHAA members and is another great opportunity to show your work and hopefully sell some art. The gallery at the Harris Center is always open to the public during their events and many people go through the gallery prior to entering the theater. There will also be a reception with awards for various art mediums for our show. All of the dates and information will soon be forthcoming.

We really enjoyed learning encaustics from Suzanne Belle and pastels from Jimmie Grann at our previous monthly meetings. For our May meeting, please remember we will be showcasing each participating artist in the Studio Tour. This will give us an idea of the type of art we can see when we visit their respective studios. Don't miss this opportunity to see some of your colleague's art. Also in the May meeting the Studio Tour signs that you ordered for your studio will be available to pick up. Our guest artist in the June meeting will be Jenny Briggs - she will be demonstrating color bouncing. I have not seen a demonstration for this and am looking forward to see how it is done.

If anyone needs more Studio Tour brochures, please contact James Canning and arrange to pick them up from him. Hope all of you that are participating in the tour have a very successful and fun event.

Have a great May and June and hope to see many of you at our next two General Meetings.

Lynne Lynne

May 8: Studio Tour Artist Show and Tell: Each of the participating artists in the 2017 EDHAA Studio Tour is asked to bring one or two pieces of work to share with the membership.

June 12: Jenny Briggs:  Jenny Briggs discovered her artistic talent in 1995 when she took a drawing class; she wanted to learn to draw her own quilt patterns.  Suddenly, a whole new world opened for her in ART!  After exploring many subjects, and painting for over 20 years, she has found her passion.  She has become the Painter of Life and Memories, skillfully and deftly telling the stories of People, Animals, Birds, and Wildlife.  She says her favorite artist is Renoir, who “was so good at telling a story while inviting the viewer to linger a while as they discover the little stories within.”  She likes the idea of “story-within-a-story” that she sees with Renoir, and it shows in some of her paintings.  Jenny believes that every painting she creates is a special gift for someone.  “I imagine that person as I paint, and I’m so excited that I have the honor of creating a treasure for them.”



Important Studio Tour Dates

For all Studio Tour Artists - Here are some important remaining dates for the 2017 Studio Tour:

  • May 8th General Meeting - pick up studio signs and each participating artists bring 1 to 2 pieces to meeting to share with members.
  • May 19th, 6-8PM art reception at Gallery 48
  • May 20th and 21st, 10-5pm Studio Tour
  • June 30th, pick up art piece(s) from Gallery 48


  • Be sure to visit Gallery 48 to see studio artists’ work on exhibit through June 29th.

Members' Corner:

Please share your good news for the “Members’ Corner” section of the newsletter.  Email your information to Jeanine Robb,  Please include EDHAA in the subject line.

EDHAA General Meeting Minutes March & April 2017

March 13, 2017:
A regular meeting of the El Dorado Hills Arts Association was called to order on March 13, 2017 at the Senior Center by President Lynne Edwards.
The Art Challenge for this month was flowers.  There were six entries. Joey Cattone’s flower painting using alcohol paint on aluminum won first prize and Ken’s photo of a succulent won second.
The Bylaws need to be updated. There will be a vote on the proposed changes.
New members and guests included Laura Caron who has moved here from Davis and Bob (sorry, I missed his last name) who is a photographer.
Studio Tour planning continues.   Lisa Aikenhead is doing mini postcards for artists to use.  There is a call to artists for the Studio 48 show which is concurrent with the Studio Tour. Each artist may enter one piece and there is a 30% commission on sales.
James Canning brought a sample of the brochure to review. A PDF file has been sent to all participants for comments and corrections. There will be 6000 brochures printed and they will be distributed at the April meeting.
The QR code on the brochure, for those with smart phones and the appropriate app, will point to the website and a copy of the brochure.
The demo was presented by Suzanne Bell who has moved from Placerville to Bodega Bay and is in numerous galleries. Suzanne works in encaustic, which is melted wax.  Her tools include a blowtorch and a heat source.  The wax is a blend of beeswax, tree resin and pigment.  She uses cans of melted wax and paints in layers. Each layer must be fused using the torch.  One special effect that she does is that she paints shellac in an area on the surface and burns it with the torch to get a lacy black image.  Her paintings are luminescent and transparent giving an illusion of depth.
The meeting adjourned near 8:00.

April 10, 2017:
A regular meeting of the El Dorado Hills Arts Association was called to order by President Lynne Edwards at 6:15 on April 10, 2017.
Studio Tour brochures were distributed. 
Thank you to James Canning for doing the Studio Tour brochure and bringing them to the meeting.  People who were not at the meeting can pick them up by contacting James Canning or Lynne Edwards.
Next meeting the signs will be available to Studio Tour owners.  The deposit is $15 per sign refundable when the signs are returned.
Lisa Aikenhead has sent out a poster type page for each studio which can be used to advertise the tour.  It was sent 5 weeks ago.
At the May meeting there will be show and tell. Each artist participating in the studio tour is asked to bring in one of their art works to display and discuss.
The Gallery 48 shows starts at the same time as the Studio Tour and continues afterward.  The applications are due April 12.
The Membership Show will take place at the Harris Center in mid July.
Guests were introduced:
Roberts Bassford of Placerville does pastels.
Razieh Karzami is new to the area.
Boni Canning introduced Jimmie Grann who was the demonstrator for the evening.
Jimmie has studied art and has several degrees. She has studied with great artists in Europe and in the USA.  She works in pastels and often does portraits.
She passed out several samples of pastel paper. They have a rough or sanded surface to hold the pigment.  Pastels are pure pigment pressed together.  They do not fade over time.
She had sketched a portrait and demonstrated putting in the under painting and using alcohol to blend it and added details in layers.
Meeting adjourned at 8:00.
Minutes submitted by Pat Woodward, Secretary

Call To Artists

  • California State Fair Fine Arts Competition:
    Deadline for online entry is June 5th 12pm noon.
    Handbook of information may be accessed at


    Placerville Arts Association Presents the 51st Annual National MOTHER LODE ART EXHIBITION
    Call to Artists to this open juried show held at the:
    Placerville Shakespeare Club
    2940 Bedford Avenue, Placerville, CA 95667
    Information and prospectus may be found at
    Online entries open at
    June 18: Final Entry Deadline


    Bold Expressions 2017, Northern California Arts, Inc. – 62nd International Open Juried Art Exhibit.   Open to fine artists everywhere.  NCA, Inc. located in Sacramento Area invites you to submit your original artwork, no photography, film or crafts.  Juror:  David Lobenberg.  Online application deadline August 12, 2017; exhibit date:  October 3-29, 2017.  Best of show $1,000, $3,000 total cash & gift awards.  For detailed Artist’s Prospectus:  or & click on call to artists.  “NCA Bold Expressions 2017” for entry go to  Info,
    Lots of opportunities for show participation can be found through the following links:




    Art Classes and Studio Time:
    Barbara Nilsson:

    • Adult and Children Oil Painting classes: all levels.

    Contact Barbara by emailing her at  or by phone: 916-984-4649.

    Patricia Martin Osborne:

    • Watercolor Classes

    Contact Patricia Osborne for workshop and class information – 408-691-1553 ,


    Monday Morning Painting Group

    The Monday Morning Painting Group meets at 10:00 AM in the Senior Center which is the old fire station at the corner of Lassen and El Dorado Hills Blvd.   All media are welcome. Contact Jackie Stevens at 916-933-2814 or Pat Woodward at 530-672-6971 for details. 


    Other Workshop opportunities:  Several workshops are being offered during 2017 through Sacramento Fine Arts Center.  Instructors include Suzanne Bell, Birgit O’Connor, Myrna Wacknov, and more. Visit for more information.

    If you know of any local or “travel” workshops that might be of interest to our members, please contact Jeanine Robb, Please include EDHAA in the subject line.


Your 2017 EDHAA Board

2017 Board Members

President - Lynne Edwards

Vice President - Boni Canning

Secretary - Pat Woodward

Treasurer - Open

Membership - Marilyn Rogers

Newsletter Editor- Jeanine Robb

Web Master - Elena Tucker




El Dorado Hills Art Association Job Descriptions for:


  1. Attend all board and general association meetings if possible, otherwise appoint another board member to facilitate meeting.
  2. Meet and welcome new and current members.
  3. Set agenda for and conduct meetings, provide copies of agenda as necessary.
  4. Provide factual and up to date information regarding association activities during meetings.
  5. Remind board and general members of meetings dates and times. 
  6. Obtain input from board members to set meeting agendas.
  7. Communicate with board members in order to keep current with their responsibilities.  Provide assistance as needed.
  8. Oversee all association business and provide direction as needed. 
  9. Promote growth of the association by planning educational and interesting meetings that encourage member participation.
  10. Attend or communicate with other art organizations to identify upcoming art events or presentations.
  11. Write president message to be published in the web site.
  12. Send message to Editor by the third Wednesday of the month.

Vice President

  1. Attend all board and general association meetings if possible.
  2. Meet and welcome new and current members.
  3. Conduct board and general meetings as necessary.
  4. Be available to assist board members with their duties as needed.
  5. Contact and schedule demonstrators for general meetings. 
  6. Notify Web Master with scheduled dates, names and times of presentations.
  7. Monitor web site to ensure accuracy of dates, names, place and time  for demonstrators.
  8. Write demonstrator biographies for web site monthly updates.
  9. Provide encouragement, guidance and support to all members.
  10. Promote growth of EDHAA with ongoing contact through emails and phone calls.


  1. Attend all board and general association meetings if possible,
  2. Meet and welcome new and current members at meetings. 
  3. Give sign-in sheet to Membership chairperson to tracking attendance.
  4. Take(s) accurate meeting minutes
  5. Concur(s) with president regarding accuracy of meeting minutes.
  6. Send(s) minutes to Web Master by the last day of each month, in order to have minutes posted on web site. 
  7. Keep(s) on going record of EDHAA business by maintaining a folder/binder which contains monthly newsletters, meeting minutes, board members names with contact information and photos of art work or demonstrations that may be of interest to members.  Bring to each meeting for members to view.
  8. Maintains office supplies for association.


  1. Attend all board and general association meetings if possible.
  2. Meet and welcome new and current members as they attend monthly meetings.
  3. Distribute(s) name tags and have members and guest sign in at the beginning of each meeting.
  4. Provide new members with application forms as needed. 
  5. Introduce new members at the general meeting.
  6. Inform new members that they may add their name, address, phone #, email, art medium and bio (50 words of less) to our web site/newsletter.  Member is responsible to provide information in a copy ready format.    Provide web masters email to facilitate this process. 
  7. Communicate(s) to all board members the names of new members joining association.
  8. Collect association dues and send money to Treasurer.
  9. Update Membership Roster and Handbook with new member information or changes to current member information as necessary.
  10. Distribute new member information to board members, including  areas if interest and art medium.  Add to membership spread sheet
  11. EDHAA Studio Tour:  Collect applications, identify if applicant is current member of EDHAA, create and maintain spread sheet of entries and forward show fees to treasure. 


  1. Attend all board and general association meetings if possible,
  2. Meet and welcome new and current members
  3. Reimburse members for money paid for association related projects.
  4. Report association account activity/current balance during general meeting.
  5. Pay all bills incurred by association.
  6. Maintains EDHAA financial records including membership dues.
  7. Maintains financial spread sheet.  Ability to use Excel program is preferred.
  8. Pays honorarium to each demonstrator after presentation.
  9. Monitor(s) and remind(s) members when association dues are required. 

Special Events Coordinators

  1. Attend all board and general association meetings if possible.
  2. Meet and welcome new and current members.
  3. Chair and coordinate annual Studio Tour/Membership show
  4. Identify opportunities for art paint outs, tours or special events and communicate to members by informing Web Master to post on web site.
  5. Identify those members who are willing to teach a class or give workshops. 
  6. Give information to Web Master to post on web site.


  1. Attend all board and general association meetings if possible.
  2. Meet and welcome new and current members.
  3. Include the following information for posting on web site: president message, meeting minutes and presenter’s biography. 
  4. Submit(s) articles to the web master by the 3rd Wed of each month.
  5. Print(s) and mail(s) newsletter to those members without email address or web site access.
  6. Solicit articles and/or write an article about local art events/items of interest and submit information to web master by the 3rd Wed of each month.
  7. Collaborate with Marketing chair to review and edit  all materials for publication to ensure accuracy of information.


  1. Attend all board and general association meetings if possible.
  2. Meet and welcome new and current members.
  3. Contact local junior and high schools to identify students who are eligible for EDHAA scholarships.
  4. Distribute application to student artists/schools.
  5. Collaborate with board members to identify eligibility requirements for scholarships.
  6. Schedule an interview with each student to review portfolio and to determine their long range plans and interest in art.
  7. Give updates during general meeting regarding student selection and presentations.


  1. Attend all board and general association meetings if possible.
  2. Meet and welcome new and current members.
  3. Maintain contact information of newspaper editor’s names, phone # and email address.
  4. Establish a relationship with local newspaper editors (Village Life, Mountain Demo., Sacramento Bee, Folsom Telegraph, Gold Country Media, Aardvark, Sierra Style, El Dorado Guide) Give editors with your business card/contact information.
  5. Notify the news papers with information about any EDHAA member who has received special awards or recognition. Artist love publicity!
  6. Write all press releases for demonstrations, events and shows.
  7. Invite newspaper editors to interview demonstrators or anyone who is 
    spot lighted  for a special event.
  8. Follow up with a thank you note when newspaper/magazines publish a  story about an EDHAA artist, guest demonstrator or event.9.  Keep web master up to date regarding planned events.