EDHAA 2017

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EDHAA Presidents Message for Sept & Oct 2017

President’s Message:

The first day of fall is less than a month away, but I think someone needs to tell Mother Nature, because as I write this note it is 105 degrees outside and that is the norm for the rest of the week. I am so ready for cooler weather, as I am sure you all are as well. 
Our Membership Show is coming to a close and anyone that participated will need to pick up their art at Harris Center on September 11th between 8:30 and 10AM. If you cannot make that time, you must find someone to pick up your art because The Harris Center has no facilities for storage. I would like to thank everyone that participated in the show - it was a really great show. The judge, Marisa Sayago, made the following selections for winners by category: 
Painting: 1st Place - Carol Quinn; 2nd Place - Barbie Smith; and Honorable Mention - Kamlika Chandla 
Mixed Media: 1st Place - Judy Arrigotti; 2nd Place - Jeanine Robb; Honorable Mention - Don Lawson 
Photography: 1st Place - Lisa Aikenhead; 2nd Place - James Canning, Honorable Mention - Carol Clark 
At our recent board meeting, we had a really good discussion on the mission and objectives of the EDHAA and what we could do to make it better. There were several ideas that came out of that meeting but we also want to hear from all of our membership. One of the goals for an organization like ours, is to provide services and events that enhance the talents of our artists and help us improve all aspects of being a successful artist. We, as a board, want to hear your ideas and suggestions so that our planning for 2018 and beyond can reflect your needs better. We are in the process of putting together some specific questions that we will be asking each member. Each board member will be calling 8-10 members over the next month to obtain their input. In the interim, be thinking of ideas that you want to share with us as to how we could improve the EDHAA for all artists.
This is also the time of the year that we start thinking about replacing our board members. At the current time, we have the Studio Tour for 2018 and will continue the Visionary Realty Venue and both require volunteers to run and manage. Folsom Art Association manages the Membership Show next year so we do not have that to manage in 2018. We are also looking for additional venues for our artists to display their art. I ask each one of you to think about how you might help this organization for 2018 either in a board position and/or Studio Tour or Venue. All of these roles must be filled in order for the organization to be successful. As a volunteer, there will always be someone that has done the job before you to help you learn, so do not think you will be left to figure things out without assistance. The positions on the board are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership, Publicity and Website. You can ask any current or past board member about what these jobs entail. We do need your help. 
Our September meeting presenter will be a well-known artist, Dale Laitinen, who has been painting for over forty years with thirty five of those in watercolor. He is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society, and Watercolor West. He is a graduate of Modesto
Junior College and San Jose State University with a BA in Art with a painting concentration. He is a past juror of many National and regional exhibitions including Watercolor West,
Kentucky Watercolor Society, Utah Watercolor Society, Watercolor Society of Oregon, Red River Watermedia Show, Magnum Opus and many others. Please join us for what should be a wonderful presentation and a great opportunity to learn from a great painter. If you want to know more about Dale, check out his website.  Please be sure to put September 11th, 6-8 on your calendar.
Our October 9th meeting will feature our own Jeanine Robb teaching us about printmaking. You may have seen Jeanine give other presentations on various types of media. Her artistic talent is very diverse and I always learn something new from her. Hope to see you all in October as well. 
We are still partnering with Visionary Realty Group for one of our venues and it has been a very positive experience for the artists that have participated, and there have been sales throughout the year. If you are interested in showing your art for a 3 month period at this venue in El Dorado Hills, please contact Ken Mahar for information.  Have a great September and October.

Lynne Edwards

Membership Show:

Thank you to James Canning and his team for another very successful Membership Show at the Bank of America Gallery at the Harris Center.  The show was judged by Marisa Sayago. 
Congratulations to all participants for being a part of such a beautiful show. Award winners are:
1st place - "Paved with Poppies" by Carol Quinn
2nd Place - "Three of a Kind" by Barbie Smith
Honorable mention - "We Belong Together" - Kamlika Chandla
Mixed Media -
1st place - "Elephant" by Judy Arrigotti
2nd place - "Calla Lilies" by Jeanine Robb
Honorable Mention - "Royal Rocking Horse" by Don Lawson
Photography -
1st place - "The Chase: Wolves in Yellowstone N.P." by Lisa Aikenhead
2nd place - "Arkwood" by James Canning
Honorable Mention - "Pyramid Peak Moon" by Carol Clark

Reminder to all participants to pick up your work on Monday September 11 between 8:30am and10:00am.

September 11: Our September presenter is nationally renowned local artist Dale Laitinan. Dale has been a watercolor artist for more than 35 years and is a member of the National Watercolor Society and Watercolor West. Dale’s work features the natural forms and landscapes of the places he has lived and traveled. His signature subject matter includes topography and man-made features such as roads and dams within the landscape which he refers to as engineered landscapes. He graduated from San Jose State with a BA in Art, painting emphasis. He has been a juror for a number of national and regional exhibitions. Dale has been published in
several national magazines such as The Artist’s Magazine and Watercolor Artist Magazine and is featured in books such as the Splash series and Painting with the White of Your Paper.  His own book, Blue Shadow Country, features a series of his own paintings and his process for those paintings.  He is a favorite workshop instructor and has conducted workshops all over the world. Learn more about Dale’s work at We are very lucky to have him as our September demonstrator. 


October 9: Our October presenter is EDHAA member/newsletter editor Jeanine Robb.  Jeanine will be presenting the printmaking processes of trace monotype and linocut relief printing.
Jeanine is a Folsom resident and high school science teacher.  She has been teaching for 30 years and has been painting since her own high school days. Starting out in oils, she progressed into Watercolors, which has been her medium of choice for many, many years. Additionally, she has worked in acrylic, pastel, pen and ink, collage, glass, fiber and most recently has found a real passion for printmaking.  Over the last several years, Jeanine has explored several methods of printmaking, including linocut, collagraph, gelatin printmaking trace monotype and screen printing.  
Jeanine’s life-long love of learning has taken her all over the United States, Canada and Ireland for her art education.  Jeanine very much enjoys the combination of art and travel. 
She has studied with many fantastic artists who include Jeannie Vodden, Linda Germain,
Judy Morris, Judi Betts, and Birgit O’Connor.  Her work has won awards including 3 Best of

Shows, Award of Excellence and Merit Awards and Jeanine has had work published in national magazines: Cloth Paper Scissors and Sketchbook Magazine and was a featured artist in Style Magazine.  

Members' Corner:

Be sure to visit Visionary Realty Group in El Dorado Hills where the works of Roma Turoff, Stephanie Redhair, Robert Kurtz and Kathleen Moore are featured through September.
Congratulations to Kaaren Kruger whose soloexhibition of approximately 50 pieces will be showing/for sale at Luxe Salon & Gallery at 10020 Fair Oaks Blvd in Old Fair Oaks from September 13-October 31. Meet her at the artist reception Sept. 16, 4pm-6pm.  She is also a featured artist in September’s issue of Style Magazine.

Jeanine Robb’s watercolor piece, Golden Glow, was awarded Best of Show at the 2017 WASH Open Show at the Sacramento Fine Art Center. Art reception is September 9th. 5:30pm-8pm.





Please share your good news for the “Members’ Corner” section of the newsletter.  Email your information to Jeanine Robb,  Please include EDHAA in the subject line.

EDHAA General Meeting Minutes July 2017

July 10, 2017:
A regular meeting of the El Dorado Hills Arts Association was called to order by President Lynne Edwards at the Senior Center on July 10, 2017. There was one new member present, Nimi Bhaff and two visitors Ian and Jess Rannachan. 
James Canning gave an update on the Membership Show. All art was delivered today to the Harris Center and will be hung tomorrow. The reception for the show is July 14th from 6-7PM and is open to all members. 
A reminder to all members that there is no meeting in August and we will resume in
September with our guest presenter, Dale Laitinen. Dale is a nationally recognized watercolor painter. 
There were 6 pieces brought in by artists for participation in the art challenge. The voting for our favorite was an even tie for the 6 pieces of art. So there was no 1st and 2nd place winner this month. Everyone won.  The presenter for this month was Judith Monroe. It was a very interesting and informative presentation. She took us through each step of her art process. She first uses a modeling acrylic paste on a wood board surface for texture. After it dries she uses one of her photographs that has been printed onto HP presentation mat paper and then wets the mat paper which allows the paper to be peeled off leaving only the image. That is then applied to the wood surface using a mat gel medium. From this point there is much additional artistic style that goes into the piece such as coloring with various types of colored pencils and painting with acrylic paint.
Minutes submitted by Lynne Edwards, President.

Call To Artists


Your 2017 EDHAA Board

2017 Board Members

President - Lynne Edwards

Vice President - Boni Canning

Secretary - Pat Woodward

Treasurer - Bonnie Williams

Membership - Marilyn Rogers

Newsletter Editor- Jeanine Robb

Web Master - Elena Tucker




El Dorado Hills Art Association Job Descriptions for:


  1. Attend all board and general association meetings if possible, otherwise appoint another board member to facilitate meeting.
  2. Meet and welcome new and current members.
  3. Set agenda for and conduct meetings, provide copies of agenda as necessary.
  4. Provide factual and up to date information regarding association activities during meetings.
  5. Remind board and general members of meetings dates and times. 
  6. Obtain input from board members to set meeting agendas.
  7. Communicate with board members in order to keep current with their responsibilities.  Provide assistance as needed.
  8. Oversee all association business and provide direction as needed. 
  9. Promote growth of the association by planning educational and interesting meetings that encourage member participation.
  10. Attend or communicate with other art organizations to identify upcoming art events or presentations.
  11. Write president message to be published in the web site.
  12. Send message to Editor by the third Wednesday of the month.

Vice President

  1. Attend all board and general association meetings if possible.
  2. Meet and welcome new and current members.
  3. Conduct board and general meetings as necessary.
  4. Be available to assist board members with their duties as needed.
  5. Contact and schedule demonstrators for general meetings. 
  6. Notify Web Master with scheduled dates, names and times of presentations.
  7. Monitor web site to ensure accuracy of dates, names, place and time  for demonstrators.
  8. Write demonstrator biographies for web site monthly updates.
  9. Provide encouragement, guidance and support to all members.
  10. Promote growth of EDHAA with ongoing contact through emails and phone calls.


  1. Attend all board and general association meetings if possible,
  2. Meet and welcome new and current members at meetings. 
  3. Give sign-in sheet to Membership chairperson to tracking attendance.
  4. Take(s) accurate meeting minutes
  5. Concur(s) with president regarding accuracy of meeting minutes.
  6. Send(s) minutes to Web Master by the last day of each month, in order to have minutes posted on web site. 
  7. Keep(s) on going record of EDHAA business by maintaining a folder/binder which contains monthly newsletters, meeting minutes, board members names with contact information and photos of art work or demonstrations that may be of interest to members.  Bring to each meeting for members to view.
  8. Maintains office supplies for association.


  1. Attend all board and general association meetings if possible.
  2. Meet and welcome new and current members as they attend monthly meetings.
  3. Distribute(s) name tags and have members and guest sign in at the beginning of each meeting.
  4. Provide new members with application forms as needed. 
  5. Introduce new members at the general meeting.
  6. Inform new members that they may add their name, address, phone #, email, art medium and bio (50 words of less) to our web site/newsletter.  Member is responsible to provide information in a copy ready format.    Provide web masters email to facilitate this process. 
  7. Communicate(s) to all board members the names of new members joining association.
  8. Collect association dues and send money to Treasurer.
  9. Update Membership Roster and Handbook with new member information or changes to current member information as necessary.
  10. Distribute new member information to board members, including  areas if interest and art medium.  Add to membership spread sheet
  11. EDHAA Studio Tour:  Collect applications, identify if applicant is current member of EDHAA, create and maintain spread sheet of entries and forward show fees to treasure. 


  1. Attend all board and general association meetings if possible,
  2. Meet and welcome new and current members
  3. Reimburse members for money paid for association related projects.
  4. Report association account activity/current balance during general meeting.
  5. Pay all bills incurred by association.
  6. Maintains EDHAA financial records including membership dues.
  7. Maintains financial spread sheet.  Ability to use Excel program is preferred.
  8. Pays honorarium to each demonstrator after presentation.
  9. Monitor(s) and remind(s) members when association dues are required. 

Special Events Coordinators

  1. Attend all board and general association meetings if possible.
  2. Meet and welcome new and current members.
  3. Chair and coordinate annual Studio Tour/Membership show
  4. Identify opportunities for art paint outs, tours or special events and communicate to members by informing Web Master to post on web site.
  5. Identify those members who are willing to teach a class or give workshops. 
  6. Give information to Web Master to post on web site.


  1. Attend all board and general association meetings if possible.
  2. Meet and welcome new and current members.
  3. Include the following information for posting on web site: president message, meeting minutes and presenter’s biography. 
  4. Submit(s) articles to the web master by the 3rd Wed of each month.
  5. Print(s) and mail(s) newsletter to those members without email address or web site access.
  6. Solicit articles and/or write an article about local art events/items of interest and submit information to web master by the 3rd Wed of each month.
  7. Collaborate with Marketing chair to review and edit  all materials for publication to ensure accuracy of information.


  1. Attend all board and general association meetings if possible.
  2. Meet and welcome new and current members.
  3. Contact local junior and high schools to identify students who are eligible for EDHAA scholarships.
  4. Distribute application to student artists/schools.
  5. Collaborate with board members to identify eligibility requirements for scholarships.
  6. Schedule an interview with each student to review portfolio and to determine their long range plans and interest in art.
  7. Give updates during general meeting regarding student selection and presentations.


  1. Attend all board and general association meetings if possible.
  2. Meet and welcome new and current members.
  3. Maintain contact information of newspaper editor’s names, phone # and email address.
  4. Establish a relationship with local newspaper editors (Village Life, Mountain Demo., Sacramento Bee, Folsom Telegraph, Gold Country Media, Aardvark, Sierra Style, El Dorado Guide) Give editors with your business card/contact information.
  5. Notify the news papers with information about any EDHAA member who has received special awards or recognition. Artist love publicity!
  6. Write all press releases for demonstrations, events and shows.
  7. Invite newspaper editors to interview demonstrators or anyone who is 
    spot lighted  for a special event.
  8. Follow up with a thank you note when newspaper/magazines publish a  story about an EDHAA artist, guest demonstrator or event.9.  Keep web master up to date regarding planned events.